Frequently asked  questions

Frequently asked questions

How do I book?

Whilst we are busy sorting our online booking system, Please contact us via our Contact Page or by phone.

What availability is there?

** WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT BOOKING ANY WALKS DUE TO THE CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK - PLEASE KEEP CHECKING BACK FOR UPDATES ** Please contact us on Facebook messenger, on our email address or by phone to find out available dates and times.

What is your address?

Unfortunately we are not allowed to have visitors to our farm so we are not open to the public. We will give you the details of where our activities are happening when you book. Please check that you have the correct address for the walk which is a different address from our farm. Please see the question below.

Where do you do the walks?

The current location for our alpaca walks is : The Marram Grass / White Lodge Caravan Park, Penlon, Newborough, Anglesey, LL61 6RS


Turn off the A55 expressway at Junction 7 and travel through towards llanfairpwll. At the toll house turn left and follow the road all the way through brynsiencyn and dwyran.

You will approach a big bend just after the petrol station on the right, carry on the straight road and on your left before the roundabout is the Marram Grass / White lodge caravan park.

Please be on time for the walks, we are unable to delay the start time out of consideration to other people booked on the walk. As the walk isn’t held at our farm we also ask visitors not to be arrive too early as you will just be waiting for us to arrive

48 hour cancellation policy

If you contact us before 48 hours prior to your booking we will happily rearrange for another time.

Can my friend come and watch?

Unfortunately spectators are not allowed, but each alpaca walker can pay for one person to accompany them - the cost is £40 to share one alpaca (Two people for one alpaca)

Can I bring my dog on the walk?

Sorry, No dogs allowed

Can I have one alpaca between four people?

The maximum number of people per alpaca is 2

Can I add some more people onto the booking last minute?

It is sometimes not possible to add additional walkers at the last minute, however we try our best to accommodate bookings wherever we can.

Can we come and see the babies when they are born?

At the moment we are not allowed to have visitors to our farm and as we wouldn’t take babies away from their Mums even for a short time we are not able to show visitors at the moment. We are hoping to move to a new farm soon where this will be possible.

Can we ride the alpacas?

Definitely not! Alpacas are not meant to be ridden.

Is it suitable for children?

Alpacas are sensitive creatures and don’t appreciate being grabbed at or touched roughly. You will be fully briefed on where is and is not acceptable to touch an alpaca before the walk. Parents with children should monitor them during the walk to ensure that they adhere to this and also to encourage their children not to scream, shout or run round the alpacas during the walk as this will spook the animals and spoil the walk for others. If your child is contiuously being disruptive then unfortunately they will be asked to leave the walk. If you feel your child is unable to walk sensibly and listen to instructions for an hour, then the Meet and Greet Experience may be a more suitable option for them. Thank you for your kind consideration.

I have a disability / I can't walk far, is this for me?

The walk is across fields on uneven ground, If it has been raining the terrain may be muddy or wet. For this reason the walk is not suitable for Wheelchairs, or people who cannot walk very far. However we do offer an Alpaca Meet and Greet Experience which is suitable for the above groups.

What happens if we are late for our walk?

We politely request that people are on time for walks as this is important for consideration of the other walkers booked on the experience. People arriving later than ten minutes will forfeit the chance to do the walk, So please make sure you know how to get there and give yourself enough time to be punctual.

I am confused between the activities, which have I booked?

Please read in full the description of the activity you have booked as we offer various different activities and don't want you to miss out on something by booking the wrong activity. Seperate activities offered: 1.Alpaca Walk Experiences 2.Alpaca Meet and Greet Experience 3.Alpaca Craft Activities

What should I wear?

This is an outdoor activity. For the Alpaca Walk we advise that you will need waterproof boots or wellingtons if it has been raining prior to your walk as it may be muddy. We recommend you bring weatherproof clothing such as raincoats etc if the forecast says it may rain. For the other activities no special attire is neccessary.

Can I buy a voucher?

Yes, vouchers are available for single alpaca walks, double alpaca walks, shared alpaca walks and a meet and greet.


Please let the staff know at the start of the walk if you are not happy with having your photo taken or put on our social media sites.

What happens if the weather is bad?

All walks are weather dependent if it is too hot / cold / wet / windy then we may contact you at short notice to rearrange your booking. This is for the welfare of the Alpacas whose well being is very important to us. For this reason it is important you give us your contact details at the time of booking.